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Michael Boezi

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Michael Boezi | The Rockmores (Original Music)

I am a songwriter and performer, predominantly solo in a Billy Bragg-style, electric folk format. I’m releasing a new set of singles throughout 2022.

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Marketing Without the Marketing offers respectful, soft-touch marketing strategies that are more in line with today’s consumers. This podcast is for small business owners of all types, including writers, musicians, and other creatives.Marketing Without the Marketing (Podcast)

How can you promote yourself or your business without coming off as self-promotional? This podcast gets into all aspects of the Digital Representation of You.

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Songwriter Showcase Series: A Residency Hosted by Michael Boezi

I am hosting a residency at The Square Root in Roslindale throughout 2022. Local songwriters present their songs in a stripped-down, low-key format to focus on good songcraft and strong community – bringing people together in a safe, intimate setting for a set of enjoyable evenings once/month.


No one actually convinces anyone of anything – we come to decisions on our own. So if we want to change someone’s mind, our best option is to demonstrate what the other side of change looks like. “Upside” is available in all streaming platforms and Bandcamp on 8/23/22.

It Sounds Different to Me Every Time I Play it Back

4 minutes of reflection is a revolutionary act in late-stage capitalism. Amid our collective feelings of frustration and fatigue, how can we confront and cope with societal collapse with empathy, compassion, and human dignity?

Silicon in My Soul

“Silicon in My Soul” is about how technology has creeped into everything we do. It’s also the 4th single in a string of new music I’m releasing this year. It will be available in all streaming platforms and Bandcamp on 7/21/22.

Disconsolate Eyes

“Disconsolate Eyes” is a letter of concern addressed to the culture. It’s also the 3rd single in a string of new singles I’m releasing this year. It will be available in all streaming platforms and Bandcamp on 6/21/22.


Change is difficult. “Wired,” my 2nd new single this year, attempts to capture the challenges of making life changes spurred by “The Great Reassessment.” It is available in all streaming platforms and for download on Bandcamp.


Many of us have made big life changes recently. It’s exciting, but inside of any transition is some level of regret about what we leave behind. This is what “Leaving” is about. It’s my 1st new single in 10 years, and now available in all streaming platforms.

Re-Releases: Back Catalog

In preparation for releasing a series of brand new singles starting on 4/22/22, I have re-released my back catalog over the past few weeks. These are re-mastered versions with some […]

Local songwriters and performers present their original songs at The Square Root in Roslindale on the 2nd Friday of each month.