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Content Strategy, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, PodcastMarketing Without the Marketing (Podcast)

How can you promote yourself or your business without coming off as self-promotional? This podcast will show you how to use content marketing to build your audience.

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Creatives of all types can learn content marketing in this online course from Michael Boezi, Owner and Managing Director of Control Mouse Media, LLC.Content Marketing for Creatives (Online Course)

A complete online course to help writers, musicians, and visual artists build a business around their creative work, focused on the most difficult part – marketing.

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Defense Wins Championships

The ACLU is playing defense against this administration’s all-out attack on civil liberties. Sometimes they are the only line of defense for those who are the targets: Immigrants, POC, women, our LGBTQ friends, and countless others. I am donating my music to help fund their efforts.

Facebook Is Not the Place for Politics (If You Want to Have an Impact)

As an experiment, I’m curtailing my Facebook usage this year. I won’t be deleting my account, as I still need it for business. But I find that every time I check Facebook, I’m less happy than when I started. There’s now a raft of research that corroborates this feeling. However, if I cut back, will that be even worse?

Writing a Book: Considerations and Strategies for First-Timers

Do you ever wonder if you could write that book you’ve always been thinking about? It’s a huge undertaking, not to be taken lightly. But it can be incredibly rewarding too. In my experience helping hundreds of writers become authors, here are the considerations for if and how to start writing that book of yours.

One Year Later

Writing is a comfort to me. It’s the way I work out an idea, think things out. But even so, what more can I add to the national conversation? There is a chorus of voices, more developed and more informed than mine. Here’s a reflection on what we can (and sometimes can’t) do to make a difference.