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I am a songwriter and performer, predominantly solo in a Billy Bragg-style, electric folk format. My recent singles are available in the all streaming services.

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Marketing Without the Marketing offers respectful, soft-touch marketing strategies that are more in line with today’s consumers. This podcast is for small business owners of all types, including writers, musicians, and other creatives.
It’s easy to come off as self-promotional in these platforms… without even knowing it. This podcast gets into all aspects of the Digital Representation of You.

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Read Me Out

In our mass awakening, don’t you wish we could flip a switch and just move on to the next chapter? “Read Me Out” is available on 3/13 in all streaming platforms & Bandcamp.


“Knocks” is personal and raw, tapping into the sense of exhaustion that we all feel from the intensity of the past few years. It’s about how capitalism depletes our energy… and how we respond to it. It’s available on 1/31 in all streaming platforms & Bandcamp.


It matters who’s in the room. There’s a unique, bi-directional interplay between performer(s) and an audience. “Shiver” from The Rockmores is available in all streaming platforms and Bandcamp. Release date: 1/9/24.

Imperfect Disguise

What happens when your body is in one place, but your brain is in a way different place? “Imperfect Disguise” from The Rockmores will be available in all streaming platforms and Bandcamp on 12/5/23.

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More Recent Releases


Collective action is only possible when we see and experience commonality and cohesion. “Fever” is about deploying empathy to get past the frustration we have with one another, egged on by those in power in order to keep us apart, distracted by pointless, bitter in-fighting. It’s available on 11/7 in all streaming platforms & Bandcamp.

Sympathy’s Soul

What good is compassion if you don’t act on it? This is the new single from my other long-running musical project, The Rockmores. “Sympathy’s Soul” is now available in all streaming platforms and Bandcamp.

Blind Spot

A switch flips and you do something unexpected. Before you know it, you’re on a journey of self-reflection. On a winding road of personal growth, confronting past versions of yourself. Searching for something that stays just out of reach. It’s available on 9/19 in all streaming platforms & Bandcamp.


How do we know what’s real anymore? When we’re surrounded by things such as AI, chatbots, and deepfakes – it’s disorienting. That’s on purpose, of course. It makes urgent the trivial and unimportant to keep our attention focused away from the systems of power and oppression. It’s available on 5/17 in all streaming platforms & Bandcamp.

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