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Michael Boezi:
Writer, Musician, Producer

Here’s what I’m up to right now. Upcoming shows: 1/14, 2/18, 3/11, 3/22

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Michael Boezi | The Rockmores (Original Music)

I am a songwriter and performer. I play guitar in a band called The Rockmores and perform solo in a Billy Bragg-style, electric folk format as well.

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Marketing Without the Marketing offers respectful, soft-touch marketing strategies that are more in line with today’s consumers. This podcast is for small business owners of all types, including writers, musicians, and other creatives.Marketing Without the Marketing (Podcast)

How can you promote yourself or your business without coming off as self-promotional? This podcast gets into all aspects of the Digital Representation of You.

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Songwriter Showcase Series: A Residency Hosted by Michael Boezi

I am hosting a residency at The Square Root in Roslindale starting in January 2022. Local songwriters will present their songs in a stripped-down, low-key format to focus on good songcraft and strong community – bringing people together in a safe, intimate setting for a set of enjoyable evenings once/month.

Michael Boezi Live at The Jungle, 12/19/21

I’ll be playing at The Jungle for the first time, a fairly new club in Somerville. Instead of my recent solo format, I put together a small combo for this show – bass & drums.

How to Build an Audience on Twitter

Twitter is still the best social network, somehow. Despite its well-documented problems, it still remains the best place to reach people you don’t already know.

Not for Everyone

I just completed a month of performing every Saturday in August, while still finding time to work on new songs, do some tracking for the band’s forthcoming record, and start work a new solo record. A brief look back, with gratitude.

Michael Boezi Live at JP Porchfest

JP Porchfest is one of my favorite events of the year, and I’m so glad it’s back. I’ll be playing two shows: Saturday 8/21/21 on Harris Ave and Saturday 8/28/21 on Wenham Street.

Michael Boezi Live on Birch Street Plaza

I’ll be playing two full sets of originals in an outdoor show on Birch Street Plaza in Roslindale Square on 8/14/21. This is a really nice summer series that some local businesses have been putting on in our new neighborhood. 

Summer Shows: Live

I’ll be performing a bunch of live outdoor shows – both solo and with the band. Here’s the schedule as it develops.

The Ambient Awareness Test

There’s one question you can ask to find out if your messaging is getting through. I call this The Ambient Awareness Test.

Empires Fall

The past 4-5 years have shown that we as a culture have deep-seated problems. Even a moment of hope, it’s still hard to look at our trajectory and not see that we are in decline. I’m not here to argue that empire of any sort is a good thing, but it’s still unsettling to see our culture’s place in the world diminish.