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Michael Boezi

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I am a songwriter and performer, predominantly solo in a Billy Bragg-style, electric folk format. I’m releasing a new set of singles throughout 2022.

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Marketing Without the Marketing offers respectful, soft-touch marketing strategies that are more in line with today’s consumers. This podcast is for small business owners of all types, including writers, musicians, and other creatives.
How can you promote yourself or your business without coming off as self-promotional? This podcast gets into all aspects of the Digital Representation of You.

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If we live like everything is a transaction, we end up feeling spent all the time. “Transparent” is available in all streaming platforms and Bandcamp.

Songwriter Showcase Series: Year in Review

A look back at my monthly residency in 2022. I didn’t know what I was doing when I started. But my instinct was: Get people in a room where there is art happening. I got a city arts grant, so I was able to 1) pay my featured artists, 2) support the venue, and 3) keep these free-to-all community events. In total, we put on 11 shows, and I got the privilege of playing with some of Boston’s best indie musicians.

New Venture: Lived Places Publishing

In September, I joined a brand new publishing venture as a partner in the business. The goals and mission of this nascent publisher align well with the work I’m doing in other aspects of my life. Here’s an overview of my new role (including how it affects my current work).

She Believes

Capitalism’s never-ending requirements grind us all into dust. In the face of this, it’s a revolutionary act to opt out. “She Believes” is available in all streaming platforms and Bandcamp.

One Sunday in Autumn

What species doesn’t fight for its own survival? When do we start working together to solve our culture’s biggest, most urgent issues? “One Sunday in Autumn” is available in all streaming platforms and Bandcamp.


No one actually convinces anyone of anything – we come to decisions on our own. So if we want to change someone’s mind, our best option is to demonstrate what the other side of change looks like. “Upside” is available in all streaming platforms and Bandcamp on 8/23/22.