This is my “now” page – the top-line projects that I’m working on right now:

My Podcast

I produce a podcast called Marketing without the Marketing to help teach people the basics of building an online audience. I post a new episode every Monday; you can subscribe through iTunes and other podcasting apps.

My recent series called The Social Media Strategy Series has been particularly successful – going through business strategies for each of the major social platforms one by one.

My Clients

I’m a practitioner. I run my own business called Control Mouse Media, LLC, helping clients build their audience using content. I do a mix of writing, strategy, and training – whatever it takes to create genuine, bi-directional connections with their customers.

A recent success story is from one of my long-time clients. I helped write and edit her book, Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive and Survive in Their Digital World. It just came out in September, and it’s getting noticed by some high profile people.

My Course

I’m creating an online course called CreateBiz, in partnership with Dave Kusek. It’s focused on helping writers, musicians, and visual artists use their content to build an audience. Here’s a brief overview of the project – we’re nearing completion, and are aiming to launch in February 2017.

My Students

I teach a course at Emerson College called Fundamentals of Content Strategy. It is a project-based grad-level course that I designed, based on the stuff that I do in practice with my own clients. Here’s what I have learned from the experience – including links to my students’ class projects so you can see their work. I’m looking forward to a new set of students in January 2017!

My Music

I’m playing the part of Johnny Rockmore in a band called The Rockmores, a smartrock powerpop quartet. We write and perform original songs around the Boston area, and we’re in the mixing stage of our first full-length album. Here’s a video from a recent show. I play guitar and sing backing vocals.

Michael Boezi

Derek Sivers came up with this concept (a “now” page), and my page is included in his collection.