The Glass Box Project

The Glass Box Project is a “live” book project designed to help today’s authors think like entrepreneurs. I am writing a book, in the open, so you can see my process. I am a writer, entrepreneur, and publisher. I want to teach you what I know, from my 17 years’ publishing experience.

Writers need to create good content and then connect with an audience. Sounds simple. But it’s never about the ‘what,’ it’s always about the ‘how.’ As the book unfolds, you’ll see the how I think about these issues.

But I don’t have all the answers. I will offer my experience and expertise, and I hope that you will do that in return. Follow along with me, or just watch—but I’d really like for you to join me.  If it works, the end result will be something that will benefit tons of authors and their respective readers.

Start here for an overview: Introducing the Glass Box Project: A Manifesto of Sorts, or jump right in below!

Glass Box Project

Building a Book

This is my role as an entrepreneur and publisher of the Glass Box Project.
For project planning, development, and methodology, follow my progress here.

The process, as the project unfolds:

Live First Draft

This is my role as author of the Glass Box Project. Here is the “live” first draft.

The manuscript, as it develops:

  • Writing a Book: How to Get Started
    Writing a book is a huge undertaking. Before you set out on this daunting task, here's how to make it seem a little more manageable.
  • Writing a Book: Is It Worth the Effort?
    Let's look at the considerations around whether or not writing a book should be a part of your overall content strategy.
  • The Basics of Branding in the Digital World
    Branding starts with setting up a basic online presence: Your website, your blog, and your social channels. Then you can start creating relationships by connecting over content.
  • Making the Most of the Gift
    The Status Quo has been overturned in the Shift to Digital, and a huge opportunity is right in front of you. The only thing standing in the way is your own fear.
  • Creative Commons Cheat Sheet for Writers, Musicians, and Other Artists
    Creative Commons (CC) Licenses can be a useful tool in giving you more control over your content and how it's used. If you are planning to use a Creative Commons License for your work, here is a helpful "cheat sheet" to choose which license is best for your content strategy.
  • Creative Commons Considerations for Writers, Musicians, and Other Artists
    Creative Commons (CC) or All Rights Reserved (ARR)? Like many things, it's a trade-off. With an open license, you trade control for propagation. What's best for you and your content? Let's look at your goals, and go over some basic considerations as a part of your content strategy.
  • Building Your Audience: Forming Real Connections with Real People
    There are lots of ways to form connections in building your audience, but which strategy will work best for you? How do you invite people to read your work? How do you start the conversation? How do you keep it going?
  • What’s the Best Timing and Frequency for Your Social Media Strategy?
    The small nuances of your content strategy can make a big difference to whether or not your content performs. Where you share says something about you. Is it the message you intend? Or, is it working against you?
  • Optimizing for Online Authority
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important, but it’s not everything. Here are some tips on how to build your audience by building your online authority.
  • Content Strategy for Authors: Choosing Your Channel
    The small nuances of your content strategy can make a big difference to whether or not your content performs. Where you share says something about you. Is it the message you intend? Or, is it working against you?
  • Authors: Presenting Your Content Clearly
    You risk losing your reader's attention immediately if you are not clear, interesting, informative, and easy-to-follow. The presentation and organization of your content makes a huge difference to how it will be received.
  • Content Strategy Planning for Authors
    Building a cohesive content strategy is critical to making connections with readers. Authors need to think beyond the book to reach their intended audience.
  • Authors: Should You Produce a Printed Book? (Video)
    Things to consider for self-published authors who are trying to decide whether or not to produce a printed book in addition to an ebook.
  • Your Book as a Business
    Today's authors are entrepreneurs. They are running a business, whether they think of it that way or not. Self-published authors get this, but it's time for all authors understand how to take charge of their own success.
  • Setting Goals as an Author (Podcast)
    Having unrealistic goals can have a negative effect on your strategy or decision-making process. Here's a simple way to chart your roadmap to success as an author.

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